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Six eBill for better cash flow and customer retention

eBill turns your invoice a one-click solution

Send invoices electronically

You can send all invoices via TRAFFIQX® and thus achieve many advantages. If the invoice recipient is able to receive via eBill, TRAFFIQX® recognises this and automatically delivers the invoice to the recipient's corresponding bank account.

Pay invoices electronically

Invoice recipients receive an eBill invoice directly via their online banking account and can pay it very easily. Bank opening hours, sources of errors and the like are a thing of the past.

Why dispatch eBills via TRAFFIQX®?

Electronic bills generally have the advantage that they reach the recipient in no time at all and via secure data connections and can therefore be processed quickly. This also applies to eBills. The difference is that eBills arrive directly in the recipient's bank account. The customer can conveniently plan the payment, execute it directly or even automate it. If you send eBills to your customers, you simplify bill payment for your customers, integrate yourself as a company into the sphere of the customer and thus become part of a positive user experience. In Switzerland, eBill is becoming more and more established as a standard and enjoys great popularity. If a company supports eBill, it actively promotes customer loyalty, optimises its own processes and at the same time reduces postage and processing costs.


Sending directly to the bank account


Delivery via encrypted connection


From any application, without changing IT or ways of working


Definitely cheaper than postage.

Start sending eBills and more...

All TRAFFIQX® providers support eBills. They also offer easy access to all other TRAFFIQX® services and support companies of all sectors and sizes as well as public authorities in automating and digitising paper-based document processes. With their experience and expertise in this area, they provide support right from the planning phase and accompany you through to implementation with competence and expertise. The best thing is to contact us now!