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The "Free" package

Your supplier has invited you to receive his invoices or credit notes securely and digitally. The door opener to finally start with intelligent digitisation in the TRAFFIQX network.

Completely free of charge and without obligations!

Secure reception from the TRAFFIQX® network and meet supplier expectations!

Contents of the "Free" package

  • You receive your documents securely from the TRAFFIQX® network in various standard formats (e.g. PDF, PDFplus, ZUGFeRD or XInvoice). Thanks to electronic receipt, you can immediately start your processing of incoming documents digitally, efficiently and with less effort.
  • You can receive your documents directly from your inbox or download them from there. This is the secure way to be protected from malware or phishing attacks.
  • Convenient search functions for quickly finding your inbox documents let you conduct research activities more efficiently.
  • Tip: Inform all your suppliers in the network, then process all documents in one place.

Our packages at a glance

Features Free Entry   S     M     L     XL  
Minimum turnover per month (term 36 months) 0 50 250 500 1.000 2.000
Transaction / postage discount 5%/4% 7,5%/6% 10%/8% 12,5%/10%
corresponds to approx. documents per month 100 piece 500 piece 1.000 piece 2.000 piece 4.000 piece
Personal support during set-up / integration incl. 2 hrs. 4 hrs. 8 hrs. 16 hrs.
Receive securely from the network
personal network access
Sending standard formats (XInvoice, ZUGFeRD, etc.)
Optimised mailing
Connection to DATEV Unternehmen Online
sFTP interface
Document Management (PEP)
Invitation campaign by e-mail (standard)
Data conversion to e.g. iDoc, EDIFACT, D96a
Interfaces such as API, OFTP, X400
Connection of further digitisation providers (roaming)
Archiving service
Invitation campaign by e-mail (individual)
Invitation campaign via print insert
Individually adapted standard data sets or interfaces
(one-off costs according to expenditure)
Data interface AS2
Promotion service (print supplement)
Invitation campaign personal
Optimisation of incoming documents
(Temlpates, OCR or Capturing etc.)
Data conversion into your individual desired format
(one-off costs according to expenditure)
Collection service from external online accounts (Fetchdocs)
Invoice entry screen for suppliers (Low Entry Account)
Master account for processing several clients
(e.g. central service centre)
Services for your customers
(archiving, assumption of costs for services)
Comprehensive support for your digitisation process

To the package! To the package! To the package! To the package! To the package! To the package!

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