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The "XL" package

  • I would like to take on costs for my clients.
  • We would like advice on our internal digitisation.
  • I would like to benefit from 12.5% transaction discount and 10% postage discount on each document.
2.000€ minimum turnover
from 800 € one-off set-up fee

Highest discount, individual service for your customers!

Contents of the "XL" package

Additional service:

  • We archive your documents for you and your customers
  • DATEV Unternehmen Online - connection for your customers without minimum turnover
  • Free of charge for your customers: incoming documents can be checked by several employees (PEP). Simply forward the document with a note to a colleague for processing.
  • We accompany you personally and individually in the digitisation process of your documents and actively support you in optimising your document dispatch and receipt processes.

Our packages at a glance

Features Free Entry   S     M     L     XL  
Minimum turnover per month (term 36 months) 0 50 250 500 1.000 2.000
Transaction / postage discount from package S 5%/4% 7,5%/6% 10%/8% 12,5%/10%
Corresponds to a monthly number of documents of (50% print & 50% digital) 100 piece 500 piece 1.000 piece 2.000 piece 4.000 piece
Additional personal support during setup / integration... 2 hrs. 4 hrs. 8 hrs. 16 hrs.
Receive securely from the TRAFFIQX-network
Personal TRAFFIQX-network access
Personal user training
Up to 150 users included
Convenient standard interface to and from your certified software provider (TRAFFIQX Invoice API)
Secure receipt and dispatch via PEPPOL
Conversion of received documents from XRechnung* to PDF A3 analogous to ZUGFeRD 2.X
Conversion of received documents from PDF* to PDF A3 analogous to ZUGFeRD 2.X
Conversion of scanned documents* to PDF A3 analogous to ZUGFeRD 2.X
Conversion of all received EN16931-compliant formats* to PDF A3 analogous to ZUGFeRD 2.X
Sending of standard EN16931 formats (XRechnung, ZUGFeRD, PEPPOL BIS 3.X)
Optimized mail dispatch
Document transfer to DATEV Unternehmen Online for your accounting
sFTP interface
Document management for releasing or checking receipts
Invitation service for connecting your customers
Data conversion to iDoc, EDIFACT, D96a, etc.
Interfaces such as external API, OFTP or X400
Secure data exchange with third-party platforms (roaming)
Archiving service
Invitation campaign by e-mail (individual)
Invitation campaign via print insert
Additions to input data records possible
Customized standard data sets or interfaces
(one-off costs according to expenditure)
Data interface AS2
Promotion service (print insert)
Personal invitation campaign
Optimisation of incoming documents
(Temlpates, OCR or Capturing etc.)
Data conversion into your individual desired format
(one-off costs according to expenditure)
Invoice entry mask for suppliers (low entry account)
Master account for processing several accounts
(e.g. central service centre)
Services for your customers
(archiving, assumption of costs for services)
Comprehensive support for your digitisation process

To the package! To the package! To the package! To the package! To the package! To the package!

The feature overview is only a temporarily valid excerpt of the services; the scope and characteristics of the services are subject to change. The product description valid at the time the contract is concluded or the services booked always apply.

*The original is delivered unchanged with the PDF A3

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