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"Coming together is a beginning.
Staying together is progress.
Working together is success."

(Henry Ford)
Our customers

Who do we work for?

Our customers include companies of all sizes, in all industries, and with different organizational structures. Our products cover the entire range of requirements from an SME to a large international corporation.

Currently, our network is used by about 20,000 members to call on a variety of services made available through the modular design of our offer. On average, we now process approximately 100,000 transactions each day.

Besides the many e-service users, we also have customers for whom we supply a cost efficient paper dispatch service via our print centers and/or for whom we electronically capture incoming paper mail via our scanning centers.

The services related to traditional paper handling provide a significant saving to our customers in comparison to self-dispatch or inhouse digitization with full transparency via the b4 platform.

b4 services promise enormous potential savings for every company with document and data exchange. A large number of business structures and sectors are already enjoying remarkable benefits.

All you need to take advantage of the b4 service offer now is a basic internet connection and the quick installation of the b4 printer driver - no project costs and no investment.