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"Coming together is a beginning.
Staying together is progress.
Working together is success."

(Henry Ford)
b4 Network Partners

Why a network and what is it?

With each new participating European and global business partner, our member companies experience a disproportionate increase in the efficiency of their electronic document and data exchange.

This is the reason we have developed a strong network that uses shared b4 technology for the rapid integration of new members into the network and for connecting third party platforms.

The b4 network consists of 4 equally weighted building blocks that form a complete package that provides a global exchange for documents and data and benefits every member of the network.

b1“ is for our members i.e., companies that use our services for the exchange of business documents and data via our platform or a b4 partner platform.

"b2" is for our network multipliers. Network multipliers use or operate platforms with b4 technology to increase the number of participants and available services across industry and country boundaries.

"b3" is for the expert alliance serving the entire value chain of data and document transfer. We link subject matter experts for important technical topics and other special subjects.

"b4" are for the platforms based on non-b4 technologies. We also provide portals for electronic transfers with e-invoicing service providers and other third party users.

Together, the b1+b2+b3+b4 components build our "“ – a value creation network for fast and efficient business communications beyond national boundaries by all electronic and traditional delivery means.